I’ve Got An Apple Up My Ass


What sorts of things do callers say, well many confess things they have either done in the past or are doing as we talk to them. There are fruit fuckers and vegetable fuckers out there. I’ve talked to ones with carrots, cucumbers, and even an apple up his ass. The carrot and the cucumber I can kind of understand in a bizarre way, but an apple? Really? What makes you wake up and say to yourself, today I’m going to stick an apple up my ass? No idea if it was a tiny little crabapple, or a big Macintosh. All I can think of, is don’t eat pies at his house…

Some have used bananas and eaten them afterwards. Sort of like hiding the evidence in the best way they can think of to do so. I heard of one woman that used to fuck herself with vegetables and then cut them up and serve them to family and friends at a barbecue picnic. I was horrified, thinking of her pussy juices all those poor unsuspecting souls were ingesting. I mean, if you want to do that and eat your own vegetables that have been up your pussy and ass, feel free to do so, gross as it is, but making others ingest it when they have no clue? Fuck, that is sick and disturbed. The movie “American Pie” I think drove the fruit fuckers into high gear, giving ones ideas they shouldn’t be putting into practice.

I’d like to know after that movie how many guys actually tried to fuck a pie, I’m betting it’s not a small number! Sliding their dicks into a hole cut into a watermelon or a cantaloupe or pumpkin. It happens. I guess it’s a cheap sex toy, disposable, biodegradable, just a little odd. Fairly harmless though. So I dare you to go to the supermarket and buy a cucumber and a tube of lube, nothing else-and go up to the teller and see her expression and that of the fellow shoppers!